Great Australian Bight Business Ambassador Application Form

We will join other businesses and local councils across southern Australia calling for the protection of the Great Australian Bight from risky deep-sea oil and gas drilling.

As a Business Ambassador we agree to:

  • Display the Alliance ambassador logo either in our premises or online

  • Our logo being placed on the Alliance website and shared on social media

  • Add our name to the business statement calling on Equinor to abandon their plans for the Bight (statement below)

  • Share alliance information or calls to action with our customers

Business Statement of Concern

Our business acknowledges that the Great Australian Bight is a pristine marine environment that both directly and indirectly supports businesses across southern Australia.

We believe the environment, our coastal way of life and thriving business communities would all be put at unacceptable risk by oil exploration.

Together with people, communities, councils and organisations from across southern Australia – those who are at greatest threat from an oil spill - we call for the protection of the Bight from the risks of deep-sea drilling. 

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