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Hands Across The Sand - Fight for the Bight, Shoalhaven

  • Mollymook Surf Life Saving Club Inc. Ocean Street Mollymook, NSW, 2539 Australia (map)

Hosted by Treading Lightly in the M.U.D and Great Australian Bight Alliance

On the 6th of April our community came together at North Mollymook Beach, to paddle out in peaceful protest against the proposed drilling in our precious Great Australian Bight, by Norwegian Big Oil Company Equinor.

It was a day that our community, people of all ages, over 300 of us, came together to say NO WAY EQUINOR! To say we want to protect our coastlines, our oceans, the livelihood of our communities, our wildlife and our children’s future!

BUT…it isn’t enough. We didn’t receive any publicity, people are still uneducated on Equinor’s own admissions, within their own Environmental plan, of the dangers to our oceans should their exploratory drill go wrong. People do not understand what that would mean for OUR TOWN!

Our voices were not heard loud enough. So, we are asking you to give up another morning, to come together and link hands across the sand. We want to spread across our beach, in defence of our coastline, from SOUTH END OF MOLLYMOOK, RIGHT ACROSS TO NORTH END!

MEETING PLACE: In front of the Mollymook Surf Club (South Mollymook)
TIME: 8:00am
SCHEDULE: (please note we will do our best to stay within these timeframes as we are mindful many people have work, activities to get to )

- 8:00am to 8:15am for the official Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony by local Budawang Elder from the Yuin Nation, Noel Butler with his wife Trish.

- 8:15am to 8:35am, find out about what this drill will mean for the Great Australian Bight and how it will affect our community in the case of a major oil spill.

- 8:35am to 8:45am, form into Hands Across the Sand to stand in solidarity and to capture images and footage to show and send to all levels of Government, so they can see that we are passionate about protecting our home.

We want to send a message, LOUD AND CLEAR to Equinor that we do not want them to drill in the Great Australian Bight, in OUR oceans!

We cannot sit in hope this will go away. We cannot sit in hope that a spill won’t happen. We cannot hope they will fix it if it does, THEY CAN’T!!! They admit that themselves.

Their own country will not let them do it in Norway, WHY SHOULD WE LET THEM DO IT HERE???

Please be part of a movement that is aiming to write our own futures, instead of sitting back in the hope that it will all be OK. Be part of the change. Be a voice for the voiceless, our whales, dolphins, sharks and every other living creature that need this important part of our coast to be healthy in order to survive.


See you on the beach
xxx Monica Mudge on behalf of Treading Lightly in the M.U.D.