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 To keep Big Oil out of the Bight, it’s critical that Equinor and the regulator NOPSEMA hear from you.

Why is my feedback important?

Every piece of oil spill modelling produced by experts—as well as the oil companies themselves—has confirmed that if an oil spill disaster happened in the Great Australian Bight, the outcome would be devastating.

If we can create enough public outcry, we can stop Equinor turning our pristine southern seas into an offshore oilfield. 

How do I complete the form?

Equinor’s Environment Plan is a tough read—it’s 1,500 pages including the appendices. The first few questions in the form relate specifically to this Environment Plan. If you have responses to those, please use the fields to provide your feedback.

But the last question on the form ('Do you have any other comments?') is the most crucial to fill out. To have the biggest impact, make your response unique to you—instead of copying and pasting some of the below ideas, put them in your own words.

Quick tips:

  • Relate your comment to why opposing drilling in the Bight is important to you - why does is effect you?

  • You might like to explain why this irreplaceable marine wonderland is important to you. Maybe you love surfing or going to the beach with your kids? Maybe you dream of driving along the Nullabor someday?

  • The Great Australian Bight is a unique, pristine marine wilderness. It's a safe haven for 36 species of whales and dolphins, and is the most important southern right whale nursery in the world.

  • You could explain how drilling in the Bight will only make the climate crisis worse.

  • You could mention that you’re worried about industries that rely on these pristine waters, like tourism and the fisheries.

  • Make sure your comment is original and from your heart - don't copy and paste the whole thing!

If you’d like to read the full Environment Plan, you can access it here. And if you have questions about the plan, you can call 02 9434 1360. Don’t be shy :)