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Call to Frydenberg to save Bight from BP oil rig threat.

The Bob Brown Foundation has joined a national alliance of environment organisations to fight off the impending arrival of the world's biggest oil rig in the Great Australian Bight. The rig, currently nearing completion in South Korea, is due in the Bight in October after which BP intends to drill thousands of metres under the 2000 metres deep Bight.

"BP's massive oil spill and fire in the Gulf of Mexico has, so far, cost $56 billion. When Australians get to know about this dangerous proposal bringing the same risk to the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight they will be outraged. The Bight is one of the world's greatest whale harbours: an oil spill by BP would threaten everything and extend that threat to the Victorian coast as well as the Tarkine Coast and King Island in Tasmania," Bob Brown said today.

"The first thing the nation's new Minister for the Environment Josh Frydenberg should do to be true to his office is to let BP know it's drill is no longer welcome in the Bight," Bob Brown said.

"When BP set their sights on drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight, they severely underestimated the opposition they would face. Today with the Bob Brown Foundation joining the alliance, it is clear that the opposition to BP's project that threatens the Bight is only growing stronger

BP wants to drill for oil in seas rougher, deeper and more remote than where they had a disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. With the recent spill in the Gulf of Mexico by Shell, it is clear that if BP is allowed to drill for oil in the Bight, it will not be a matter of if there is a spill, but when, and a spill in the Bight would be impossible to clean up" said Jeff Hansen, Managing Director Sea Shepherd Australia.

Wilderness Society South Australia Director Peter Owen said “Since the launch of the Great Australian Bight Alliance in January, opposition to BP’s push to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight whale nursery has grown rapidly. It is one of the planets biggest threats and a liveable climate for our children is at stake”.

“The Bob Brown Foundation joining the Alliance highlights the importance of protecting the Bight and stopping the expansion the fossil fuel industry. One of the world’s most respected voices has joined the campaign” Mr Owen said.