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Climate Change Election: where do parties stand and what can we expect after Saturday?

Source: Reneweconomy.com.au

Michael Mazengarb reports —
Six years ago, following the election of the Abbott Government, the renewable energy industry, and prospects for climate change were cast into a pretty dark period. Strong climate policies were unwound, and investment in new clean energy projects came to a standstill.

At times there seemed to be little hope that climate change could register as a major vote-winning issue in Australian politics.

However, the political environment has turned dramatically in recent years, as the impacts and threats of climate change grow more apparent. According to ABC’s Vote Compass, the economy was by far the most important issue to voters six years ago –  climate change ranked fourth place, behind asylum seekers, and health and hospitals.

In 2019, Vote Compass finds that environment is now top, followed by the economy and then health and super/pensions.

RenewEconomy has taken a look at where each of the three largest parties, the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labor Party, and the Greens stand on climate change, what key groups have had to say about their platforms and their prospects for this year’s election.

We also take a look at some of the independents to watch.

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