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Elliston residents involved in Great Australian Bight symposium in Sydney

Source: West Coast Sentinel
Elliston residents Ian and Jay Dudley have returned from a symposium about oil extraction in the southern ocean at the University of Sydney, where panelists have lent expertise to discussions about drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

The April 23 event was hosted by the Sydney Environment Institute where the pair participated as panelists.

"Both my wife and I participated as community members from the region and conveyed some of the concerns and questions many people along our shores have with the idea," Mr Dudley said.

He said his wife initially attended to support him, but due to her experience in Fight for the Bight campaigns in Elliston, was able to engage with the panel members too.

"It was good to have two people with local knowledge there and experience instead of just one," he said.

Other panelists included world experts in engineering, constitutional law, marine science, and the global petroleum and gas industry, including a few people who had worked extensively for BP and Shell during their careers.

"All of them were of the opinion that as it currently stands, from a regulatory, legislative and financial point of view, even before we consider environmental issues, the proposed industrialisation of the Great Australian Bight presents a massive risk to our region and to the nation as a whole," Mr Dudley said.

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